DC 47 Members March on MLK Day

DC 47 Members and Retirees rallied and marched along with thousands of others in MLK Holiday protest from Philadelphia School District Administration building on North Broad Street to center city.


MLK Holiday March & Rally January 19th

DC 47 Members join in solidarity with our union brothers and sisters and others in support of Fair Wages, Economic Justice and Education Justice. We believe in Justice For All.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year Brothers and Sisters. We accomplished many things in 2014 including the ratification of many of our contracts. Right now, we are still working on getting a new contract with the Philadelphia Housing Authority. We enrolled 300 new members in 2014 and hope to continue our efforts to grow our union in 2015. Let’s continue to pull together, to assist Brothers and Sisters in DC 47 and work in solidarity with other working men and women, to build the union movement in 2015.

In Unity,

Fred Wright, President DC 47


Climate Change Survey

We have constructed a survey to help us decide, as a group, how we would like to tackle climate change problems. This is where we need your help. We would like to know what you, DC47 members, think about climate change and IF you agree that it IS a concern, what actions you would like to take.


Good Times With DC 47 at Temptations

It was a real party at Temptations for DC 47 members and guests.


It's Party Time- Get Ready!

DC 47 holiday party! Find out how to get your tickets.

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March and Rally for Better Wages

DC 47 VP Vanessa Fields and Local 2187 Pres. Jaqueline Marshall stood in front of MCDonald’s with signs. They joined with several dozen protesters, including members of DC 47 that had marched in center city Philadelphia calling for increased wages for workers at McDonald’s and other businesses. They chanted, “McDonald’s come off it, you made enough profit and other spirited chants during their rally.

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Running for Mayor in 2015

Alan Butkovitz announced he’s not running for Mayor in 2015. Anthony Williams and Lynne Abraham are set to announce on Wednesday. Former Mayor Ed Rendell is rumored to be contemplating a run. Doug Oliver, former PGW pr guy and press secretary for Mayor Michael Nutter, is exploring the possibility of running.

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Privatization Fight in Baltimore

Jonathon Epps, a 15-year employee with the Department of Public Works expressed his pride for the work he does to keep the city safe and clean.
“The work I do keeps our community safe, prevents disease and limits the rodent population,” he said. “By coming to work every day, I know I am making a difference in my city. I call on City Council and the mayor to keep our public water public – we do a good job and we are committed to our neighborhoods and our city.”

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DC 47 Pres. Wright on PhillyCam TV

District 1199C Pres. Henry Nicholas and DC 47 Pres. Fred Wright being interviewed  by Trudy Haynes about the recent PA General Election, local politics and the union. The show is scheduled to air in December or January on PhillyCam (Public Access) television.

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Our wages, benefits, working conditions, health and safety, and even whether we have jobs at all, are in the hands of officials who influence our future.

Health & Safety

There is nothing more important than staying safe on the job. Our lives depend on it. That is why, as AFSCME members, we have access to some of the best workplace health and safety resources available.


The Newsletter section includes the District Council 47 newsletter, as well as newsletters from the Locals and Health & Welfare.

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Tom Wolf Sworn-in as Governor of PA

Tom Wolf Sworn-in as Governor of PA

Governor Tom Wolf was sworn-in today as Governor of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg. Wolf said he will be an unconventional leader. He said he is not a product of the political system. Wolf added that he believes the middle class can be rebuilt. read more
Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Brothers and Sisters! We accomplished many things in 2014, including the ratification of many of our contracts. Right now, we are still working on getting a new contract with the Philadelphia Housing Authority. We enrolled 300 new members in 2014 and... read more

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